This article will be a brief overview of a game I began to build and my experience doing so.

But first: are you in need of a coding community where everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and offers multiple opportunities to improve your skills? Go to and join. Seriously. …

In the fall of 2020, I started Fullstack Academy’s full-time coding bootcamp course, “Software Engineering Immersive.” This is my review.

BLUF: It was great and I’d recommend it to anyone.

My Background

Until about April of 2020, I had never studied coding or software engineering of any sort. I was always a…

This article will serve as a beginner’s guide to using Tone.js and together we’ll make a piano! I’ll go through each step including setting your directory and React app up. (If you know that stuff already, then you can jump to step #3.)

  • I’ve included the 3 files used for…

Joe Young

Software Engineer & Musician

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